26 May 2015

Proper Recovery after Dental Implant Installation

When you’re considering your options for replacing lost teeth, dental implants may be among the most highly recommended options you may take. Dental implants consist of a small titanium rod inserted into the former tooth’s gap with a hole on top to be used as the locking joint for an abutment and later a crown. While the benefits of dental implants will be well worth the operation, you will still have to think about proper recovery. 

Time In

The length of time mostly depends on the number of implants you had installed and whether bone grafting was required for the operation. In many cases, you may be looking at anywhere between seven to ten days of downtime – you may have to take time off from work or school. During this period, you can expect swelling and discolouration to appear in the immediate area of the insertion. 
Making the Most of It

Many dentists recommend that you pursue a soft diet during the recovery period, as well as ingest the necessary medication. Lukewarm drinks can work as long as they are kept away from the implantation. 

Preparing for a dental implantation at the hands of skilled London dentists is already a challenge. Remember: the benefits of the dental implants you now wear will far outweigh the risks involved with the procedure.


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