2 May 2015

Dental Implants in London Contributes to 2020 $1.2B 3D Printing Market

In a recent study published by independent research and consulting firm, IndustryARC, analysts are saying that there will be a significant increase in the demand for 3D printing as applied in healthcare, including the dental sector. In 2014 alone, a large chunk of the revenues in global 3D printing in the healthcare market – estimated at $175.3M – is credited to dental applications. According to the study, 3D printing in healthcare will grow to become a $1.2B market by 2020, with the demand for implants in the dentistry sector growing correspondingly due to increasing dental implant surgeries and procedures. Why are so many people opting for dental implants instead of other dental solutions? The answers to this question are varied, but all point to the 98% success rate of implants and the numerous advantages they present over other solutions.


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