26 May 2015

Doing Your Part After Getting Braces

When your teeth are in need of serious orthodontic treatment, some circles may advise you to have clear braces installed at London dental practices. In many ways, they can be of great help in reshaping your teeth to their ideal position. As with other orthodontic devices, clear braces also demand the best of the patient in terms of maintenance levels. 

Brush, brush, brush!

Regularly brushing your teeth cannot be stressed enough. You will mostly have to do it after meals since food particles have the tendency to get stuck between the brackets. Other substances carry the danger of staining the brackets’ ceramic construction. Interdental brushes also aid in the scraping of plaque and tartar away from the teeth. 


There are food items which are harder to clean away from the braces due to their longer staining capabilities. It is often advised not to eat anything tomato-based when wearing the braces, for example.

Finer Cleaning

Some dental practitioners also recommend flossing in addition to brushing. These will scrape off the plaque in between the teeth themselves. Using mouthwash is also recommended, but be sure to ask your dentist about which brands are safe to use. Some brands may be abrasive enough to degrade the braces’ adhesive. 


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