16 Apr 2015

Breaking the Tooth Whitening Myth Glass

A clean and complete set of teeth is vital to performing various oral functions. Even your loved ones will stress regular brushing and teeth whitening to keep the supposed Hollywood smile intact. Some myths accompany this need, which your dentist will be more than happy to dispel for you. 
Although teeth whitening isn’t advised for teens, people in their 20s are already suitable candidates for teeth whitening. Teenage teeth isn’t likely to be fully emerged yet, and some adolescents may even have some of their milk teeth remaining. However, 20-year-olds who have their full set of permanent teeth can have their teeth whitened as per their dentist’s recommendations.
Why Not at Home?
True, there are so many affordable home treatment whitening products in the market. However, it’s impossible to achieve targeted teeth whitening at home, not to mention the level of effectiveness could be severely compromised with at-home whitening kits.
Trigger for Oral Cancer
Teeth whitening does implore the use of chemicals, but not the cancer-causing kind. Chemicals commonly used in the process include hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide. Several studies have been conducted on the two, none of which discovered that they can cause oral cancer.
Jarring Nerves
This can only happen if the chemicals are not used correctly. However, if you let a dentist handle your teeth whitening procedure instead of doing it on your own, the likelihood of nerve damage is reduced to practically zero.


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