5 Apr 2015

Getting Clear Braces is the Better Option

Straightening your teeth requires special orthodontic devices. One type is the traditional metal wire braces, while the other is the invisible braces called Invisalign®. Read on to find out why invisible braces in London have become a preferred option for fixing one’s smile.

Out with the Old

Invisalign® is the product of countless innovations and research dedicated to finding ways of improving the methods of straightening teeth. Just as effective as traditional braces but offering more benefits, Invisalign® is a series of clear removable aligners that don’t need wires and brackets. It is designed using a complex computerised technology along with three-dimensional modelling to ensure that the braces will fit a patient perfectly.

Pain-Free, Worry-Free

Most people also complain about the discomfort and pain brought about by wearing traditional braces. Many say that metal braces irritate gums, inflame soft gum tissue, and cause pain. With Invisalign®, there is no need to worry about any sort of discomfort as there are absolutely no metal wires and other components that can cause pain or discomfort.

Visit your dentist to find out if clear aligners are what you need to straighten those crooked teeth and fix that bad bite. Dentists from established dental offices can determine if Invisalign® is the right treatment for you.


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