25 Apr 2015

Sporting the “You’re Hired!” Smile

After the last toast has been done in your honour as a graduate, the reality of finding work will set in before long. Part of the adventure includes dressing well, preparing your qualifications, and ensuring a wonderful smile to help recruitment personnel consider you.
A stained, crooked, widely-spaced smile gives the impression that you’re not putting your best foot forward for your health or your career. Particularly if you’re eyeing a high–paying job that involves lots of social interaction, bad teeth could even cost you your job.
Hiring managers are likely to prefer applicants with better smiles. Some studies found that people with a nice set of teeth are 45% more likely to land a job than those with crooked teeth. Why is this so? Simple. Bad teeth are often equated to an unhealthy lifestyle and if you’re negligent about your wellbeing, how will you be able to take care of your job?
Better teeth don’t just mean a brighter smile; they project the image that you are self-assured, confident, and highly adaptable to the people around you. Managers favour it because it’s one factor that increases sales and opens business opportunities. After all, if you were in their position, wouldn’t you send your tidiest employee to face your customers or partners?


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