20 Apr 2015

Stronger Case for Invisalign®

Advances in dental technology have enabled people seeking orthodontic treatment to choose between metallic braces or Invisalign braces at London practices. The latter system, which consists of clear aligners, is gradually gaining solid reputation for safe fixing of teeth over due time – but how, exactly?
As the leading brand for invisible aligners, Invisalign® clear braces must be created using accurate impressions of the patient’s teeth taken by a qualified Invisalign® provider.
Invisalign® offers patients various benefits that go beyond correcting misaligned teeth. The braces are nearly invisible, unlike metal braces that are oft perceptible even at a good distance. Often, only the patient knows he or she is wearing aligners. For many, especially teens, this is a big factor as visible braces can sometimes affect their self-confidence and the way they socialise. Removable aligners also make it easier to eat and brush one’s teeth.
The most important benefit of getting Invisalign® braces from a qualified provider, especially from a dental practice with a Platinum Elite Invisalign® doctor, is that your progress will be closely monitored by your dentist. Your aligners are supposedly changed every two weeks in order to achieve the results you want. If issues arise – although they are very rare – your dentist can be called upon easily to address the problem.


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