26 May 2015

Caring for Your Invisalign Aligners

Invisalign is invisible. Invisalign is smooth and painless. Invisalign straightens your teeth. These are the three main reasons why Invisalign is better than traditional braces for your teeth misalignment issues. Just like all other types of dental corrections, though, Invisalign requires special care too, especially during chow time. Here are the answers to some common queries about Invisalign on the subject of eating and drinking.

Can I eat while wearing Invisalign?

Not recommended. You should remove the aligners every time you eat, unless it’s okay with you to have food particles stuck in the aligners. Eating with Invisalign on also puts it at high risk of distortion or breakage. Try to keep everything you eat to meal times to avoid having to remove the system frequently.

What about drinking?

You can drink anything you want but be sure to rinse your mouth thoroughly afterwards. Otherwise, you risk trapping acidic fluids in the aligners and soak your teeth in acid bath for hours. Do refrain from frequently taking liquids such as tea, coffee and red wine as these could stain the aligners faster. Moreover, drinking really hot beverages can potentially distort the device.

How do I perform oral hygiene?

Regular brushing and flossing will do but make sure you brush and floss right after you eat and before you wear your Invisalign again. Discoloration may not be avoided if your diet includes highly pigmented foods, but since the aligners are replaced every two weeks, this isn’t much of an issue.


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