10 Mar 2015

The Link of Misaligned Teeth to Bullying

If there’s one thing that bullies notice about their target, it’s the looks. Among children of school age, dental appearance is found to be the number one bully magnet. Kids with widely-spaced teeth, missing teeth, badly-shaped teeth, and conspicuous upper front teeth are likely to be targeted.

Most parents do recognize the need to have their children’s teeth straightened to enhance their appearance, which is a big confidence factor as they go through puberty. It was found, however, that aside from mouth sores, the child also earns cruel names such as “metal mouth” from wearing metal braces, making his/her social adjustment even more difficult. Since adolescents are naturally self-conscious, this persistent bullying can leave a permanent dent on their self-esteem.

For years, most kids have been putting up with the discomfort of irritating, prominent, and unappealing braces. With the introduction of Invisalign, however, the problems associated with teeth straightening are eliminated. Invisalign braces may do the job of fixing a teen’s teeth just as well as metal ones, with the use of clear, removable, and custom-fit aligners. This means that aside from making teeth straighter and healthier-looking, Invisalign also allows him to eat whatever he pleases and perform regular oral cleaning. The braces’ transparent nature also makes them less visible and natural-looking, thus helping make the child more self-confident and less likely to be the target of bullying.


Invisible braces sound like a boon to everyone predominantly for the youngsters. There are so many plus points of invisible braces that one thinking of wearing braces for alignment of the teeth would surely lean forward towards them, if given a choice.
But I visited Dentzz for gaining some knowledge about them and was guided well about their pros as well as their cons. Cons like one should wearing them while having something hot because they might just change the shape, to avoid wearing invisible braces during eating anything because it will change the colour of the braces.

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