26 Mar 2015

Braces Can Help Your Teeth Become Straight

Straight teeth are important to project a pretty smile. Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky enough to have teeth grow properly. This is why a regular check up with a skilled dentist is important; someone knowledgeable in how teeth are supposed to grow can detect if your teeth are not growing right. If caught early, your dentist can recommend the right option to ensure that your teeth grow straight and in the manner they’re supposed to.

Most teeth straightening options work by exerting pressure on the teeth that need to be straightened. The bony socket, which serves to anchor your teeth, will adapt to this pressure by changing position. The pressure needed to have these changes happen is small, but needs to be applied over a long period of time; this is why braces are the preferred option for straightening teeth.

However, the mention of braces often conjures up visions of contraptions of wire and metal. These mouthpieces may seem unattractive to many young people. Thankfully, modern dental patients have a more attractive option: clear braces. Clear braces are removable plastic trays that are more comfortable to wear, and easy to take out for cleaning, or to make eating more agreeable. Your dentist will make an impression of your teeth, and then create the braces from this impression.


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