25 Mar 2015

Six Month Smiles Treatment for Misaligned Teeth

Irregular teeth alignment and discomfort in chewing or biting are common signs that warrant orthodontic treatment. While braces and crowns are known effective procedures, a treatment called Six Month Braces or Six Month Smiles shows promise. 

This procedure involves using a kind of bracket and wire to straighten the teeth in approximately six months. Tooth-colored nickel-titanium wires and clear brackets are used to align the teeth within that period of time using minimal effort of installment. This procedure is capable of treating a variety of orthodontic problems, like occlusion and diastema.

Neglecting misaligned teeth puts you at risk of oral problems like gingivitis and tooth decay. Misaligned bites may also put pressure on your overall mouth that could lead one or several of your teeth to break. Worse cases of crooked teeth disfigure the appearance of the jaws, severely affecting the victim’s self-esteem.

A thorough examination of the gums and teeth is conducted before performing the procedure including facial photographs, X-rays, and teeth impressions to determine the suitable teeth model and alignment for the individual’s teeth. Regular appointments of about 10 to 15 minutes are requested from the patients for complete adjustments.

It is highly recommended for individuals with Six Month Braces to brush their teeth at least thrice a day. Fluoride rinsing is also suggested to keep enamel healthy while interdental brushing is advised to clean underneath the dental wires.


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