5 Mar 2015

Top Things Holding You Back from a Hollywood Smile

Have you always wanted a Hollywood smile? Have you always wanted to look in the mirror, smile, and be pleased with the spectacular sight? Have you always wanted to dazzle people with your gorgeous grin?

It is possible to have a beautiful, alluring smile, but there may be a few things holding you back from doing it. Here are some dental conditions you need to have treated by a cosmetic dentist:Stained Teeth

You’d see a lot of colour in celebrities’ wardrobes and even their makeup, but not on their teeth. Restore your immaculately pearly whites through innovative teeth whitening treatments.

Crooked Teeth

Some crookedness may be adorable and even embraced by some Hollywood stars, but severely misaligned teeth wouldn’t be attractive. Have them straightened (without anyone noticing) with clear braces.

Chipped, Cracked, or Decayed Teeth

Obvious flaws you got from past accidents or from the lack of proper dental care will always prevent you from having a picture-perfect smile. Let your dentist take care of them with veneers, dental crowns, and other corrective procedures.

A Missing Frontal Tooth

If you lose one of your molars, it wouldn’t be noticeable, but a missing permanent front tooth can be very distracting (plus, you wouldn’t look elegant). Consider having a dental bridge or a dental implant to replace the tooth.

Too Much Gums
A gummy smile can also look awkward and not at all glamourous. Consult your dentist for gum contouring to correct it.


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