5 Jun 2015

Looking after a Porcelain Crown

Certain teeth conditions may require installing a crown over your affected tooth. Advances in dental technology have allowed the development of porcelain crowns, in lieu of metallic ones which have been installed for years, so most crowns nowadays are porcelain. Once your dentist installs one on your tooth, it is now your responsibility to maintain it.

Continue oral hygiene practices.

The tooth that has a crown is still not safe from cavities so regular oral hygiene is of utmost importance. Start by brushing your teeth regularly like you always do, but be gentle, so as not to dislodge the crown by accident. Ask your cosmetic dentist if you could use a toothpaste that does not react to or damage the adhesive used for the crown. Interdental brushes, which are commonly used for teeth with braces, can also be used to remove plaque from the crevices between the teeth, especially those adjacent to the crown.

Protect your crown from external force.

You have to be aware of activities that may loosen or damage the crown. For example, if you suffer from teeth grinding, make sure you wear a mouth guard when needed. Avoid tearing snack packs with your teeth as this could exert undue pressure on the tooth.
Your dental crown is like your tooth’s second chance at life. Make sure you know everything about protecting it so your tooth could stay longer.


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