3 Jun 2015

Invisible Braces in London: Convenient Treatment for Misaligned Teeth

"Crooked and misaligned teeth have adverse consequences on a person’s oral health, apart from making a bad impression on other people. Although applying dental braces is the usual orthodontic treatment for this condition, the wires and brackets often discourage many patients, because they have to be worn from a few months to two years. For better oral healthcare, new types of braces were developed that function well without the inconvenience of metallic materials. One of these innovations is clear aligners or clear braces, an orthodontic device that uses stable clear plastic component that are nearly invisible on the outside. The British Dental Health Foundation explained that invisible braces in London and elsewhere are moulded into sets, which are then worn for 22 to 23 hours a day and replaced every two weeks during the entire treatment."


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