30 Dec 2014

Keeping the Invisalign Solid and Secure

Wearing Invisalign clear braces may be one of the best dental treatments you can set yourself up for. It’s even better when you got them through the help of experienced dental practitioners who specifically offer Invisalign braces and other popular orthodontic services in London. Still, they will not lack in guiding you on taking care of your aligners, if you do decide to get them. There are ways to make it work:
When you’re done with your aligners for the day, take the time to thoroughly brush them with a toothbrush and some toothpaste. It’s important that the bristles are soft so they can remove debris without scraping the aligners. After brushing your aligners, rinse them off with a stream of warm water. Allow them to air-dry before keeping them in their special case.

Out and About
While Invisaligns are designed to help your teeth maintain a clean appearance during daily activities, you must take them off discreetly when you’re eating and drinking with friends. This prevents them from being stained by food and drink, of which hot drinks such as tea can make them a bit malleable. Moreover, Invisalign clear braces allows the saliva to fully circulate around the teeth, thereby helping to eliminate microbes. Remember to brush and floss after every meal or drinking sessions though.


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