17 Nov 2014

Clear Braces: Straighter Teeth with Less Metal

Who does not want a great smile with straight and perfectly aligned teeth? Having crooked teeth can be a bother, and not just because it can ruin your appearance. Jagged dentitions can actually complicate oral health, especially because uneven teeth formations can form gaps and corners that toothbrushes and floss cannot clean properly. Crooked teeth can be treated and aligned, thankfully, with the use of dental braces.

While there is no doubting the efficacy of dental braces when it comes to aligning teeth, they can be visually distracting. Some wearers even feel self-conscious about their dental appliances, and might go out their way to avoid smiling or showing their braces for the entire period of the treatment for fear of being made fun of. Fortunately, with innovations in cosmetic dentistry, patients can opt for clear braces, which do what regular braces can do without looking too obvious.

Clear braces trade off the metal brackets typically used in traditional braces in favour of ceramic ones. By matching the colour of these ceramic parts to that of the wearer’s teeth colour, the brackets appear nearly invisible or “clear” from a distance. Clear braces also make use of metal wires to link the brackets together, but these are not as overt as the connecting brackets in traditional braces. Such a discreet dental appliance is perfect for patients who are not too keen about wearing unsightly metal braces.


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